Field work in Ridgefield, Australia

26th September to 1st November 2017

Me and my company in the experimental setup

Together with a colleague and a Master student, we went to a large-scale restoration experiment in Ridgefield located in a Mediterranean climate. The experiment is part of the Future Farm project led by the University of Western Australia. My Master student funded by PROMOS did some measurements in the set-up of this already in 2010 established experiment to study the role of plant functional diversity for water cycling. My colleague and I, gathered some data (soil moisture data and plant data such as specific leaf area) that we needed to parameterise our simulation model ModEST developed in the project.

Sebastian Fiedler
Sebastian Fiedler
Postdoctoral researcher

I am a researcher in the Ecosystem Modelling department at the University of Göttingen in Germany. I am applying simulation modelling and empirical approaches to assist restoration of degraded ecosystems people rely on for their well-being.